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Welcome to my blogspot. This site will be completely dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I will use its space to post thoughts, reflections, images and short articles on the glorious Queen of Heaven.

The title of this blog, 'Respice stellam, voca Mariam', comes from a sermon delivered by St. Bernard of Clairvaux (see next post). In English it means: 'Look to the star, call on Mary'. It refers to the ancient idea of Mary as Star of the Sea, so beautifully worded in the hymn 'Ave Maris Stella'. This blog wishes to celebrate Mary as our guide and safe haven in life!


Blogger Carlosé Mejía said...

"Respice Stellam, Voca Mariam": "Mira a la Estrella, Invoca a María". Un saludo desde Colombia en Suramérica. Ayer estuve en el santuario de Guadalupe, la virgen morena, patrona de Bogotá, lugar impactante de culto ubicado en uno de los cerros tutelares de la capital del país. Como no sabía el significado exacto de la frase latina que, coincidencialmente, da nombre a este blog (aunque mi traducción de amante del latín era bastante aproximada) lo busqué en Google y me encontré con este sitio.//"Respice Stellam, Voca Mariam": "Look at the Star, Invoke Mary". Greetings from Colombia in South America. Yesterday I was at the shrine of Guadalupe, the dark-skinned virgin, matron of Bogota, a place of worship located in striking one of the mountains guardians of the nation's capital. Not knowing the exact meaning of the Latin phrase that, coincidentally, is named after this blog (although my translation of lover of Latin was pretty good) so I searched in Google and found this site.

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