Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Salve, mater misericórdiae

Salve, mater misericórdiae,
Mater Dei et mater véniae,
Mater spei et mater grátiae,
Mater plena sanctae laetitiae,
O Maria! (Refrain)

Hail, Mother of Mercy
Mother of God and Mother of pardon
Mother of hope and Mother of grace
Mother full of holy joy
O Mary!

Salve, Virgo dignior céteris,
Quae virgines omnes transgréderis,
Et áltius sedes in súperis, O Maria!

Hail, Virgin worthier than the rest
Who hath surpassed all virgins
And sits higher in the heavens above, O Mary!

Te creávit Deus mirábilem,
Te respéxit ancillam húmilem,
Te quaesivit sponsam amábilem,
Tibi numquam fecit consimilem, O Maria!

God created thee a marvel
He looks upon thee a humble handmaid
He sought thee as a lovable spouse
He hath never made another like to thee, O Mary!

Te beátam laudáre cúpiunt
Omnes justi, sed non sufficiunt:
Multas laudes de te concipiunt,
Se in illis prorsus deficiunt, O Maria!

All the just desire to praise thee as blessed
but they are not sufficient
They conceive many praises of thee
But in them they entirely fail, O Mary!

Esto, Mater, nostrum solátium,
Nostrum esto, tu Virgo gáudium:
Et nos tandem, post hoc exsilium,
Laetos junge choris caeléstium, O Maria!

Be, Mother, our solace
Be our joy, thou Virgin
And join us at last, after this exile
as joyful ones to the heavenly choirs, O Mary!


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